The Office of the Inspector General of the United States Postal Service is currently conducting an audit on the "Disposal of Historic Properties." 
They ask the question:
"Do you think the Postal Service follows proper procedures when disposing of historic buildings? Also, considering its financial constraints, what should the Postal Service’s role be in maintaining historic assets?"
You can comment on your experience with the USPS on the OIG web page: click here.

Or, email the Office of the Inspector General directly at
with “Disposal of Historic Properties” in the subject line.

Bronx Congressman José E. Serrano
places a provision in the annual spending bill that protects historic post offices

Washington, DC – July 19, 2013 – Congressman José E. Serrano today announced that he had succeeded in including a provision in an annual appropriations bill moving through the House of Representatives that would ensure that the Postal Service’s proposed sale of the historic Bronx General Post Office receives extra scrutiny.

“I feel strongly that the US Postal Service’s plan to sell the Bronx General Post Office is ill-considered, and perhaps did not follow the requirements of the laws governing such transactions,” said Congressman Serrano. “With the inclusion of this provision in the annual spending bill guiding parts of the USPS budget, Congress now shares my concerns, and we are going to ensure that all laws and guidelines have been followed.

“These actions follow on the heels of an ongoing investigation--undertaken at my urging--by the Inspector General of the Postal Service into whether the Postal Service has followed all relevant laws in the sales of historic post offices, and whether they have followed those laws in the case of the Bronx General Post Office. My provision in the bill calls for the suspension of the sale of historic properties like the Bronx GPO until this investigation is complete, and all the laws and guidelines have been satisfactorily complied with.

“It should go without saying that we expect the Postal Service to follow every single requirement if they are determined to sell the Bronx General Post Office. It is too important of a building to our community, especially with its historically significant murals, which were created by artist Ben Shahn in the Depression, and have been enjoyed by Bronx residents for generations. They should not be given to a private party never to be seen by the public again.

“We cannot have the gems of our communities, often landmarked and
protected, sold by the USPS to the top bidder in a wanton and careless manner. These properties have unique circumstances and deserve great care and thought if the USPS can truly no longer use them. I am concerned that this is not happening in the rush to reduce costs, and I am glad that my colleagues on the Appropriations Committee share this concern.”

click for a copy of Congressman Serrano's Press Release

The Serrano amendment to the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill

The Committee is concerned by reports that the Postal Service is attempting to sell off many of its historic properties without regard for the preservation of these buildings. The Committee is particularly concerned that the Postal Service may not be following Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act in the relocation and sales process of these historic properties. The Committee notes that the Office of the Inspector General is currently conducting an investigation into whether the Postal Service is complying with its statutory and regulatory requirements in the relocation of services, closure, and sale of these types of properties. Until such an analysis is complete, the Committee believes the Postal Service should refrain from the relocation of services from historic post offices, and believes the Postal Service should suspend the sale of any historic post office.



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